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This edition features the latest findings and research in the areas related to Research Method and its application. We would like to extend our sincere gratitude and appreciation for the enthusiastic and vigorous support and contributions from the Editorial Board and Reviewers of <strong>JPCBR</strong> for taking time and effort to review the manuscripts.&nbsp; As no manuscript is accepted or rejected without careful reading by experts in a particular area to which the paper is related.&nbsp; &nbsp;We strongly encourage authors to submit their articles and readers to provide feedback.&nbsp; In order to access the online version of this issue along with archived editions please visit our website <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener"><strong></strong></a> We would like to thank all the authors who have contributed manuscripts in <strong>JPCBR</strong> and those who are awaiting their manuscripts for publication in subsequent issues.</p> <p><img src="/ojs/public/site/images/admin/unikl4.PNG"></p> Prof Dr Sulaiman Sajilan Dr Sheikh Muhd Hizam Copyright (c) 2019-12-08 2019-12-08 4 3 An analysis of the relationship between culture and collaboration <p>The research is about the relationship between the culture and the collaboration. Tom said the collaboration can decide the development of the company. It may be a kind of exaggerated expression, but the collaboration is really essential for the growing of the organization. Nevertheless, the culture has the powerful influence on the collaboration of the companies and employees.</p> SUN ZHENNAN Ilham Sentosa Sheikh MH Copyright (c) 2019 SUN ZHENNAN 2019-12-01 2019-12-01 4 3 China's “One Belt, One Road” (OBOR) <p>The One Belt One Road initiative by the Chinese government focuses on enhancing cultural industry trade among the Southeast Asian countries. The cultural industry trade is established on the sociocultural dynamics as a result of international trading. The communities in the regions of One Belt One Road projects encounter cultural integration and hence positive impact on the cultural industry trade. The study analyses the international cultural integration in the trade, focusing on the Chinese One Belt One Road initiative. The key elements of the Chinese initiative are the development of transportation, energy and economic sectors through culture integration and economic empowerment of respective communities. Globalization is essential in the international cultural industry trade on the basis of political, economic and sociocultural integration in the regional trading bloc. The cultural industry trade is incorporated into the community through hybridization, accommodation, and transformation to have an impact in the globalization. Therefore, the Chinese One Belt One Road initiative has established cultural industry trade in the Southeast Asian countries as well as other regions.</p> SHIWEN ZHANG Ilham Sentosa Sheikh MH Copyright (c) 2019 SHIWEN ZHANG 2019-12-01 2019-12-01 4 3 Research on the Influence of the Management of University Entrepreneurship Education on the Entrepreneurial Practice of University Students <p>With the weakness of the world economy, China’s economic growth slow down also, while domestic colleges continue to improve the rate of enrollment, the number of graduates keeps climbing, the employment situation of college graduates is becoming increasingly tense. In 2018, there were 8.2 million university graduates in China in total. Compared with 7.95 million in 2017, this number created a brand new record, which makes it more difficult for graduates to get job. Entrepreneurship is not only the driving force of economic growth, but also can create a large number of new jobs, alleviate employment pressure, increase government revenue, promote exports and improve productivity. However, the overall level of entrepreneurship activities of Chinese college students and their rate of success are both considerably low. &nbsp;</p> DANG LONGXI Sulaiman Sajilan Sheikh Muhd Hizam Copyright (c) 2019 Dang Longxi 2019-12-18 2019-12-18 4 3 An Analysis of Services Innovation Management <p>Innovation is known for playing a crucially important role in competitive advantage (Cooper, 1998), It has not only attracted academicians’ attention but also become to centre of attention for business people around the globe. Along with encouraging and supporting innovation to achieve as well as improve market performance (Ruivo, Oliveira, &amp; Neto, 2012), the emphasis of organizational leaders has also been on recognizing innovation as a conversion mechanism which would play an immensely significant role in enabling any company to manage all dynamic changes which occur in business environment and market place (Salunke, Weerawardena, &amp; McColl-Kennedy, 2013).</p> AMAD WAJID Ilham Sentosa Sheikh M.Hizam Copyright (c) 2019 amad 2019-12-18 2019-12-18 4 3 Sustaining Innovation and Disruptive Innovation <p>Innovation means that people use the existing mode of thinking to put forward different ideas. Innovation also refers to people's behavior of using existing knowledge and materials in a specific environment to improve methods, paths and other factors to meet social needs and obtain certain beneficial effects. The significance of innovation for enterprises and countries has been highly recognized. Innovation is a policy that has been advocated and implemented by all countries, as well as a strong support for their comprehensive strength.</p> DANG LONGXI Feng Leitao Copyright (c) 2019 Dang Longxi 2019-12-18 2019-12-18 4 3 Application Research on Monitoring Systemic Risk in Real Economic of China <p>This paper analyzes the empirical relationship between debt leverage and systemic risk based on SCCA model. The result shows the climbing of debt leverage would push up the level of risks across all national economic departments, and further accumulate the risks within financial sector and finally generate and transmit systemic risk through debt channel and equity channel. This suggest that, transfer debt leverage especially form non-financial company sector to other national economy departments can improve the level of systemic risk within financial system.</p> LI CHENYU Naziruddin Abdullah, Sheikh M.Hizam Copyright (c) 2020 LI CHENYU, Naziruddin Abdullah,, Sheikh M.Hizam 2020-01-14 2020-01-14 4 3